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Keep Dreaming Project

About the Project

The Keep Dreaming Project aims to provide the Dreamcast community with an open-source ecosystem for hardware research and development.

There’s a thriving community developing hardware and software for the Dreamcast, however many of us work alone. How many people have tried to create a Dreamcast GD-ROM drive emulator? Network adapter? Wireless controller?

Many of these complex projects end up taking a single person years to complete if they do at all. A common ecosystem with a solid hardware foundation will make collaboration easier, avoid reinventing the wheel, and reduce time spent troubleshooting.

The project can be broken down into four major areas:

Development Hardware

Creating circuit boards that interface with the Dreamcast and its peripherals. The designs will all be open-source so anybody will be able to make their own.

  • Breakout boards
  • Development boards
  • Other tools and final designs


Writing software, in collaboration with people in the Dreamcast community, that takes advantage of this hardware.

  • GD-ROM Drive Emulator
  • Wireless Network Adapter
  • Wireless Controller


Gathering and preserving existing information about the Dreamcast. As well as creating documentation for all the other parts of the project and any discoveries made along the way.


The last bit is for all the extra things that are needed/help the project move forward.

  • Project Management Platform
  • Documentation Platform
  • Developer Chat