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Other Experience

Freelance IT

For seven years I had a freelance IT business providing services for businesses, schools, and individuals. Most of the time I worked on personal computers and home networks; troubleshooting issues, replacing components, removing viruses, installing operating systems, setting up wireless routers and such. Some of the larger-scale things I did include upgrading and migrating all the computers at a real estate company and setting up a Mac OS X server for a college.

Currently, most of the IT work I do relates to running my website and web server.

Electronics Technician

Aside from my design work I also fix electronics for customers or to sell on eBay. The things I most often fix and sell are computers, video game consoles, stereo equipment, and professional audio equipment.

Some things I’ve fixed:

Mackie mixer
PreSonus mixer
Yamaha stereo and Pioneer cassette deck

Aluminium Altium Database Library

After getting annoyed with using integrated libraries in Altium Designer I decided to make a database library. It is based on the Celestial Library but instead of using SQL I’m using a Microsoft Access database. As the only one using it an Access database works well enough and is easy to manage.

Aluminium Database Library
BGA Footprint

Composites, Drafting, and Machining

I’ve taken classes in composites, drafting, AutoCAD, CATIA, Solidworks, manual machining, and CNC machining.


A pretty simple assembly drawing.

Wheel Support Gif
Wheel Support


For a group project, I had to design a part that could attach to LEGOs and be 3D printed. I made the front portion of the tank from ThunderCats.

ThunderTank Front Drawing


Some I-beams I made out of carbon fiber. Used an Instron to perform various tests on them.

Carbon Fiber I-Beams


Some basic 1-2-3 blocks I made on a mill and a little widget I made on a CNC lathe.



I was commissioned to design these boards which are used with the original Microsoft Xbox. The LPCorrectr addresses an issue with certain versions of the Xbox and the OXControllr allows a USB drive to be used as a memory card.

OXControllr + USB